WORLD OF RADIO #1164, produced January 8, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*My SW Year in Review was on VOA New Year`s Day; a longer version
 at plus full text
*Also at WOR site, Oklahoma Broadcasting News for 2002,
*DX Programs, updated:
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*Deutsche Welle confirms will cease English to Pacific, and to North
 America from end of March; discussion ensued like that about BBCWS;
 to save 250K Euros by cancelling English to North America
*German TV paychannel in US is far from breaking even
*I decry all-or-nothing approach; reduced times and frequencies to
 North America would be adequate
*But DW website says English service to be expanded, news every hour
 on the hour, and two editions of Newslink daily to North America
*DW just added to WRN satellite/internet schedule, replacing SRI
*Bayerischer Rundfunk did not close 6085; now with all-news service
 B5 Aktuell
*Yugoslavia changed name to Serbia-Montenegro, but R. Yugoslavia has
 not yet changed; S&M has negative connotations in English
*IRRS upgraded SW facilities, powers 10 to 500 kW from Europe, but
 relay sites kept top secret; what`s the point, losing its identity
*BBCWS in English heard on more Norwegian frequencies. This is just
 the Norwegian domestic all-news channel which carries BBC at
 certain times in English, in turn simulcast on SW, not R. Norway
*Laser Radio, UK, via Latvia 5935 Sundays, includes media programme
 during first hour at 1800
*FEBA will close SW station in Seychelles by end of this year,
 transferring programming to other sites; nothing said about previous
 report that housing development is getting too close for comfort to
 transmitter site
*Destitute Djibouti and US aid, including VOA station under
*V. of the Eritrean People, new opposition station, not yet heard on
 supposed schedule; has anyone heard it?
*Caller to Talk to America from R. Kahuzi, Congo DR, confirms it is
 active on 6210
*R. Lesotho has reactivated its only SW frequency 4800
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, presumed heard on 6139.1 if separable
*R. Veritas, Liberia heard by several on 5470, but beware of Peru and
 another station on this far out-of-band frequency
*Midpoint of WOR 1164, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA, where it`s
 over 70 degrees in early January and the window is open. E-mail:
 woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*As of Jan 1, R. Gazeta, Brasil, relaying Catholic station Cancao
 Nova instead of de-religifying as previously planned
*Rdif. Huancabamba, Peru, 6536, heard until 0230* and 0102* Owner
 said had been off due to sabotage by rival political group
*Rdif. Nacional de Colombia, formerly on SW, has fired many of its
 staff to modernize what`s left of the station
*Like to monitor Venezuela, but no longer dozens of stations on
 tropical band. R. Tachira still active but irregular on 4830; Ecos
 del Torbes not heard on 4980 for many weeks
*Barbados columnist calls for news station on SW from there
*R. Habana`s DX program in Spanish, En Contacto, reconfirmed Sun
 2135 on 15230, Mon 0135 on same, also try 9600; scheduled also 
 Sun 1335
*New Democrat on FCC, Jonathan Adelstein opposes Republican drive
 for media concentration
*New WMQM, 1600, Memphis, 50 kW day, has a DX report from Florida,
 sunset 2315, sunrise 1315 in January
*KVAN, 1550, Vancouver WA raised power to 50 kW day, 12.5 night,
 KPAM 860 on same towers with 50/5; inevitable complaints from
 neighbors about interference to appliances
*Amarillo has two MW stations audible off-frequency: KPUR on 1439.7
 and KTNX 1009.8, both with lots of sports
*Special event KM1CC, Jan 11-19, marks another Marconi anniversary;
 site on Cape Cod open to the public 9-5 EST
*Eye-opening story in DXLD 3-003 under Newfoundland about why MW
 stations are reluctant to QSL
*Sa`udi businessman hopes to launch major media projects to present
 true picture of Islam, including radio station in English
*More on windstorm damage to Israeli curtain antennas; have to use
 log periodics instead, and frequency changes at 2000
*New clandestine for northern Iran, V. of Southern Azerbaijan,
 supposed to start Jan 8, Wed and Thu only at 1630 on 9570, but
 nothing was audible; to become daily in Feb
*V. of Maldives heard in English at 1200 on 
*Nick Grace calls for stepped up psyops against North Korea
*Ohio University correspondent calls for R. Free Asia on MW to NK,
 since few North Koreans have SW radios; ``if you can arrange wars,
 surely you can arrange signal towers``
*SE Asian quagmire: three countries using 7145 at 1300: Laos,
 Thailand, Vietnam
*Guam SW stations back on the air; see reports by Larry Fields, in
 recent DXLDs; military communications facility at Barrigada suffered
 greater damage
*AWR resumed Guam Jan 3, dropped temp relays via Taiwan Jan 5
*KTWR back on by Dec 29
*HCJB Australia inaugural broadcast Jan 5 at 0700 on 11755, but
 heavy interference from Finland; HCJB started with only 13 kW but
 should find a better frequency; to Asia 1230-1730 by Jan 12, 15480
 will also have co-channel interference
*Drastic solar activity drop in early Jan
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan. 7; flux range 145-175-115
*So concludes WOR 1164; Glenn Hauser inviting you back for 1165 ###