WORLD OF RADIO #1146, produced September 4, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI, Costa Rica about to celebrate first sesquidecade on the air;
 hope to have exact date and time of annual Fiesta on the Air next
 week; new frequency schedule 2200-0600 15040, 0200-0800 7445
*WJIE running World of Radio weekdays 1200 on 7490, but missing lately
 [back September 5]
*VOA Director Robert Reilly resigned, replaced by ex-foreign
 correspondent David Jackson; dispute over closing foreign bureaux
 may have led to change; agency was in turmoil
*Grass fire in WWCR antenna field on Labor Day quickly controlled,
 but all four transmitters off for two hours
*Lots of special programming for first anniversary of 9/11; no great
 detail here, but see Monitoring Reminders calendar at WOR website
*Charlie Puckett of Kentucky State Militia Radio sentenced to 30
 months in prison on weapons charges
*William `Rabbit Ears` Flippo, Florida, received 15 month sentence,
 huge fine, for deliberate interference to hams; not enough?
*KKSU, 580, Manhattan, KS, only noncommercial AM station around
 here, agrees to close down in 3-months in settlement with WIBW,
 with which it had been sharing time; hope KSU will put a new
 public radio station on FM to replace it
*KXMS, Fine Arts Radio International, Joplin MO, announces it will
 cease streaming before end of September due to royalties issue,
 replacing with some ondemand material; until then try to hear i.a.
 PDQ Bach series, Saturdays 1600 UT;
*RTE Ireland special sports finals, Sept 8 hurling, Sept 22 football
 1430-1630 from 5 sites: 13730, 15500, 17885, 21645, 15275
*Brain of Britain back for new series on BBC Radio 4, and soon also
 on World Service
*Sunday Sept 15 is another Heritage Open Day, with tours possible
 of BBC Monitoring, Caversham Park, Reading; pre-book ticket by phone
 0118 948 6448 or see
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio monthly broadcast Sept 6-7, 2100 UT for
 24 hours; details at
*YLE Radio Finland confirmed phasing out English, French, German;
 weekend English hours already canceled? Off by Octoberend; until
 then archive highlights with familiar voices, including Eddy
*EDXC Conference Report with illustrations, links at
*R. Sweden heard on 4 frequencies with only 3 transmitters; spur or
 what? Mixing with Poland; see DXLD 2-135, 2-136, 2-137, 2-138
*New leadership of R. Polonia decides to keep own SW transmitter site
 going thru winter, not relays abroad; and may reduce output
*Russian Foreign Ministry and Interfax launching interactive website
 on policy from October;
*V. of Russia SW schedule revised Sept. 1; English to North and South
 America, Europe
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1146; your input
 always welcome to or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702; USA; fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; with lots more info
*R. Prague in Spanish heard on another US Coast Guard frequency, 5696;
 inconceivable coincidental spurs, but instead deliberate relays
*R. Yugoslavia`s future status still uncertain; might be renamed
 R. Serbia & Montenegro if funded, or just R. Serbia. Still on
 internet only, dispute with Bosnia over SW transmitters not resolved
*R. Sawa now testing new 600 kW mediumwave 981 from Cyprus, null
 toward Europe but DXed there
*Syrian clandestine Sawt al Watan, backed by Syrian Human Rights
 Committee, its material quoted on broadcast,
 also with English translation, based in London
*DXLD 2-138 has several stories on Afghanistan, including Good Morning
 and Good Evening, Afghanistan; struggle over whether women should
 be allowed to appear on radio and TV
*R. Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek heard with 5-minute English newscast at 2325
*R. Dat, clandestine to Kazakhstan, reported to broadcast from Russia,
 not the West; Bigeldin Gabdullin, political refugee in US was anchor.
 Another report says Society for Democracy in Asia, Brussels, is
 behind it
*Last week`s report of AIR Bangalore changing to 9450 lasted only one
 day; back to 9425
*Bhutan has excellent program on IT and internet, Sundays 1100 on
*One Tibet English frequency mentioned last week, 7185, should be
 7385; heard in Denmark and Thailand: Erik Koie`s recording
*Clandestine from Uzbekistan to Laos heard on 17540 at 0100-0200,
 mentions ``United Lao Movement for Democracy of Minnesota``, also
*Han Hee Joo becoming new executive director of R. Korea International
 and relinquishes on-air duties
*Two Indonesians from Flores Island below 3 MHz identified differently
 by two DXers 
*R. Australia specials on 9/11 and 9/12, including live 3-hour show
 from NYC at 1130 UT Sept 11
*R. Mozambique reports pylons stolen from transmitter site, affecting
 MW and SW
*V. of the People`s studios and offices in Harare, Zimbabwe, destroyed
 by bomb August 29, but continues on air with recorded material via
 Madagascar; see DXLD 2-135, 2-136
*New peace station in Burundi, R. Isanganiro awaits SW frequency
*R. Bunia, Congo DR, 5066, changes hands to anti-Ugandan group
*King of Morocco consents to end state monopoly on broadcasting
*R. America, Paraguay, DXed from Australia on 7737, but frequency now
 changed to 7370 northwards, still 7300 southwards, nighttime hours
 on weekends the best chance
*R. Nacional del Paraguay inactive on 9737
*Paraguay already went to summer time UT-3 on September 1
*R. Cultural Coatan, Guatemala, 4780, reactivated after 2+ years
*R. K`ekchi, Guatemala, back on 4845 after briefer absence
*CFVP, Calgary, turned SW 6030 [not 630 as I said] back on after Hans
 Johnson notified them it was off
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept. 3; flux range 165-220-165
*World of Radio 1146 concluding; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###