CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-09, October 9, 2006 
[with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*This is Continent of Media 06-09, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 73
*Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or
*Universal also sponsors for much more info 
 including audio access to this program
*[continued from 06-08] More on monitoring Alaska bush communications 
 on SW for emergency services; bird flu discussion: 3230, 5167.56 [6-
*KICY, 850, Nome AK, is running 25 kW non-direxional; was 50/10 kW 
 until a fire; next plans to go to 50 kW at all times, and direxional 
 during missionry broadcast to Russia at 11 pm-4 am local, which is UT 
 -8 in summer, triple-DST; see Prime example of US 
 MW station with external service [6-138]
*Also WTOR 770 from New York to Toronto, but daytime only; KGBT 1530 
 Harlingen TX has most coverage at night in Mexico [6-138]
*California 103.1 is in Calgary, Alberta, CIQX, and even included something about  
 Inglewood, which is a Calgary neighborhood too [6-129, 6-130]
*IBOC digital tests on FM band in Toronto on 99.1 and 90.3, but no 
 plans to try it on AM band [6-126]
*CBA 1070, main CBC Radio 1 outlet in the Maritimes, applies to move 
 to FM 106.1; will leave gaping hole after 3-month overlap. Site was 
 originally Sackville, moved in 1970s to Moncton NB. So no mixing 
 products between RCI SW frequencies and 1.07 MHz [6-131]
*CBC Chairman Guy Fournier resigns after joking about bestiality being 
 OK in Lebanon, and the joys of bowel movements [6-141]
*CBC TV needs to be as good as CBC Radio; start with eliminating ads 
*How birdwatching correlates with DXing, per Qal R. Man, Mike Brooker, 
 Sheldon Harvey; see [6-104, 6-106]
*Air navigation routes have clever names around St. Louis and 
 elsewhere [6-138]
*HFCC shortwave frequency coordination excludes most Latin American 
 stations; maybe a future meeting will be held at HCJB. But why is it 
 necessary to do it in person, with the Internet, WRTH and Passport 
*From 2007, DST starts on second Sunday in March in North America, so 
 the previous week of confusion between Europe and NAm becomes a 
 fortnight of confusion; and in some years such as 2008 it will be a 
 sesquifortnight; furthermore DST will last one week longer. This will 
 impact SW frequency schedule changes and lead to collisions if not 
 compensated for. WYFR is one US station which does not make DST 
 shifts anyway [6-126]
*DX meeting planned for Tarma, Perú, Feb. 20-22, 2007, with connexions 
 via Lima. Info from cpds1 @ They might be surprised if 
 some North Americans would like to attend in combination with a 
 vacation in Perú [6-128]
*Last-minute schedule changes at public TV stations to get programs 
 about Andy Warhol, Marie Antoinette later in evening or postponed due 
 to sexual content; at least in Oklahoma, Denver, St Louis, due to 
 uncertainty about FCC enforcement regarding indecency. Our freedom of 
 speech erodes [6-144, 6-145, 6-146]
*That`s COM 06-09, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 73 ###