CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-07, produced August 8, 2006 
[with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 06-07 on the air, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 71
*Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or
*Universal also sponsors for much more info 
 including audio access to this program
*Lament for the destruction of the old Radio Liberty site at Playa de 
 Pals, Spain [6-116]
*But a new 800 kW MW 1539 kHz transmitter for IBB is under 
 construction in the UAE, to start next January [6-117, 6-119]
*Radio Nederland will supply National Public Radio affiliates with 
 24/7 Spanish program service, for use on subsidiary HD channels only 
*Threats to public radio funding in upcoming fiscal year [6-115]
*We recommend KUNM Albuquerque for excellent programming; see monthly 
 guide Zounds via [6-115]
*Campaign against 24 members of congress who voted to cut funding for 
 public broadcasting: [6-111]
*PBS hopes bleeps and blurred lips keep FCC fines at bay [6-111]
*Public Radio Exchange archives lots of programs,
 including Border Radio, and lots from RNW [6-103]
*Arbitron survey of public radio listeners freely available: [6-112]
*Radio Free Minturn, LPFM, on air near Vail, Colorado [6-112]
*WVEW-LP airdate deadline is Sept. 2 for successor to radio free 
 brattleboro, Vermont [6-109]
*WMKV, radio for seniors, jumbles schedule including Theater Organ and 
 Barbershop music shows 
*Public stations` license renewals held up at great expense due to 
 frivolous complaints: WUFT, Gainesville FL, for continuing to play 
 music on 9/11; WEPR, Greenville SC for network outages [6-117]
*WNTH in Illinois wins against encroacher trying to force it to share 
 time on frequency; also similar case dismissed in Indiana [6-117]
*NAB wants FM translators for AM stations [6-105]
*Saul Levine, owner of KMZT in Los Angeles, refuses to sell out for 
 megabucks, maintains commercial classical format [6-106]
*Other stations with longtime individual owners: WPAQ 740 Mount Airy 
 NC; WCAP 980 Lowell MA; WNAY 1360 Nashville TN [6-101]
*Air America flagship in NY switches Sept 1 from WLIB-1190 to WWRL-
 1600; discussion of relative coverage areas depending on MW frequency 
*Great Minds Think Alike: ABC and CBS started the story of 
 prescription mistakes within half a minute of each other joined by 
 NBC a minute later. ABC has followed our advice and dropped 
 ``Tonight`` from its rejiggered afternoon TV news show now with 
 Charles Gibson [6-106]
*Brazilian legislation requiring TV services for people with special 
 needs: dubbing, audio description, closed captioning, sign-language 
 window, starting with one hour, building up over 11 years [6-108]
*Odd RF noise problem traced to a propane-powered bug trap [6-115] ###