CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-06, produced July 7, 2006 
[with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 06-06 on the air, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 70
*Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or
*Universal also sponsors for much more info 
 including audio access to this program
*Robert Ross, former director of MDA, credited with naming Voice of  
 America [6-088]
*VOA sold land near Wilmington NC, built relay site instead near 
 Greenville [6-083]
*Ullmar Qvick, Sweden, finds VOA lacking compared to other stations 
 such as CRI [6-088]
*BBG 2005 annual report in pdf at including tidbits, illustrations: [6-091]
*Washington Post story about Radio Farda, for Iran including Sara 
 Valinejad who picks the music; not a good idea to build it around 
 music [6-084]
*From Broadcast Band Update, by Greg Hardison in Los Ángeles: Al-
 Jazeera still delaying starting its English-language news channel; 
 not one US cable system has signed on to carry it, unlike BBC World, 
 CCTV9 from China [6-086]
*"24/7: THE RISE AND INFLUENCE OF ARAB MEDIA" is a new public radio 
 documentary hosted by David Brancaccio, among others on demand and 
 with text at [6-088]
*FCC fines multiplied to $325,000 per indecency violation [6-086]   
*SW pirates are advised to avoid using naughty words [6-086]
*Pirate in Oklahoma City on 107.1 relays Radio Free Austin from Texas  
 which relays Republic Broadcasting Network which is also on SW [6-
*Amendment to telecomms reform bill about LPFM, eliminating third- 
 adjacent channel protexions; NAB accused of fabricating recording of  
 alleged adjacent channel interference 
*FCC fines a notorious `cheater` running day power at night, KWYR, 
 1260, South Dakota
*Freeware displays AM stations patterns on a US map: [6-097]
*Standard disclaimer
*COM 06-06, our address, woradio at or Glenn Hauser, P O Box 
 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA
*Fine Arts Radio International, KXMS, 88.7, Joplin MO has lo quality  
 webcast, even with interference. Picked up from FM receiver, and when 
 88.7 goes off, it resets to next station up the dial, such as KRPS 
 89.9 in nearby Pittsburgh KS, and in fact KRPS got a webcast thanks 
 to KXMS [6-085]
*Clear Channel has started streaming many of its stations; helpful in 
 IDing DX. Check station sites [6-094]
*Clear Channel also considering one-second spots, ``blinks`` --- like 
 Max Headroom`s blipverts. Subliminal? Or too long for that [6-086]
*Discussion of phony announcer voices, ``pukers`` [6-089]
*Ladies of the height – female tower climbers [6-094] 
*Proposal for DRM on the 26 MHz band in the Americas for another local 
 broadcast band [6-088]
*WILL-FM, Urbana IL, will multicast its AM 580 programming on an IBOC 
 FM channel, improving coverage [6-087]
*FCC expected to eliminate any protexion beyond city-grade coverage 
 for IBOC [6-091]
*IBOC will not catch on due to satellite radio, etc. [6-095]
*Paul Vincent Zecchino, the most outspoken critic of IBOC, calls it 
 ``HD jammer grinding listeners into submission`` [6-096]
*Full digital eventually to replace present hybrid mode could lead to 
 subscription radio replacing free radio [6-095]
*That`s COM 06-06, a.k.a. WORLD OF RADIO Extra 70. I`m Glenn Hauser