CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-05, May 2006, produced June 7, 2006
[with DX Listening Digest issues where you may read more]

*COM 06-05, supplementing World of Radio, about media around the  
 American continent, not necessarily shortwave 
*Made possible by Universal Radio, Reynoldsburg OH, for quality  
 amateur and shortwave equipment, and or phone toll free for a catalog, 1-800-431-3939
*Far-north Canadian Forces Station, Alert, and its radio activity: see [6-083]
*Quebec broadcasters complain they have to broadcast too much music in 
 French [6-079]
*Canadian and Hawaiian TV and FM stations broadcasting via translators 
 in Cortez, Colorado [6-084]
*Is time running out for IBOC/HD radio? Lack of public and industry 
 interest [6-082, 6-083] 
*CPB studying impact of IBOC interference [6-069]
*Prospects for DRM on 26 MHz for local service; but subject to skip 
 interference [6-076, 6-074, 6-085]
*Tip for Rational Living, 
 From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You The Inquisition
*Standard disclaimer
*XM pulls FM modulators; they put out too much signal, interfering 
 with real stations [6-082]
*Complaints regarding Broadband over Power Lines have been 
 transferred from the FCC`s Office of Engineering and Technology to  
 the Commission`s Enforcement Bureau [6-082]
*RF ID chips coming to cattle, but need to have greater range than on 
 non-living stationary cargo [6-077]
*Public tours at VOA have been changed to downplay the role and 
 history of shortwave
*Broadcasting Board of Governors rejects expensive review of its 
 operations by consultant, since it was critical of management, and 
 refuses to make it public [6-080]
*``VOICE OF AMERICA: A HISTORY``, by Alan Heil, now available as 
 talking book from National Library Service, order number is RC58786 
*Connecticut Public Radio dumps classical music for talk [6-083]
*Classical music is not in decline, from the standpoint of 
 performances and recordings, says NY Times article: 
*Old favorites dumped by WVXU move to WMKV near Cincinnati, station by 
 and for seniors; WMKV webcasts, including theater organ music,  
 barbershop harmony [6-074, 6-076]
*One-watt FM station in Philadelphia, WPEB, sold for $70,000; 
 location, location, location [6-071, 6-072]
*National Geographic Bee validated wrong answer claiming that 
 Montevideo, latitude 35, is subtropical [6-079] 
*Concluding COM 06-05, later known as World of Radio Extra 69 ###