CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-04, produced May 5, 2006 by Glenn Hauser
	[with DXLD issues where you may read more, find linx] 

*Welcome to COM 06-04, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 68
*COM is possiblized by Universal Radio  
 for a catalog or 1-800-431-3939. Universal Radio for quality amateur 
 and SW equipment.
*Universal also sponsors including audio access 
 to this program
*First all-Maya-language station in Mexico is XEMQ, 810 in Mérida, 
 Yucatán [6-068]
*XEK, 960, Nuevo Laredo to get program feeds across the border from US 
*Threat to Mexican public broadcasting [6-057]
*Aguascalientes Universtiy Radio at the mercy of politicians [6-070]
*Proposal for a ``Radio Free Mexico`` from the US [6-065]
*Missionaries drop SW radios on Mexico to pick up SW station in 
 ``Ohio`` [6-070]
*Obit for Radio Swan/Américas manager, CIA man Robert Wilkinson [6-
*How Cuba`s Radio Reloj handles airshifts [6-058]
*New Greek X-bander on 1690 coming in Toronto [6-058]
*CBC decimates design department in Toronto [6-064]
*Philadelphia Orchestra back on radio [6-064, 6-071]
*Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival back on radio [6-071]
*The translator trafficking scandal [6-057]
*Low-power AM stations allegedly authorized in AZ, WA, NJ [6-057]
*FM pirate in Quad Cities says it is legal in wartime [6-065]
*Big FM pirate in Milwaukee [6-066]
*FCC`s long-delayed case against K1MAN [6-060]
*Blaw-Knox tower downsized in Tampa Bay [6-067]
*TV chopper wars in Oklahoma [6-060]
*KJES SW transmitting equipment [6-060]
*Irreverent commentary on IBOC by Paul Vincent Zecchino [6-062]
*How much IBOC power does KOA really transmit? [6-070] ###