CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-02, February 27, 2006
       [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

COM 06-02, also known later as World of Radio Extra 66
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COM is about media around the American continent, not especially SW
Powerline communications confined to 30-50 MHz area a victory for hams 
ARRL pleased with TXU`s BPL system in Texas, Current, lacking 
interference caused by Amperion system tried previously [5-225]
SW listeners have no standing in this, since we are not licensed; what 
we listen to is not protected
The amazing WLW of yore, super-powered, with Blaw-Knox tower [5-226]
Other Blaw-Knox towers: WFEA in Nashua NH; WBT Charlotte NC; WBNS 
Columbus OH; KSTN Stockton CA; since replaced: WADO New York; maybe 
two more baby BK`s in California [5-226]
What`s to become of the Blaw-Knox tower for 620 in Tampa? [6-001]
Continental Electronics delivering 132 ultra-low-noise transmitters to 
HAARP in Alaska for ionospheric warming 
In the midst of COM 06-02; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or 
woradio at  --- much more at
As of late Feb, a possible strike against SRC, French counterpart of 
CBC. Lise Lareau, head of union after previous lockout, wrote about 
lessons from it in Christian Science Monitor [5-197]
What has become of Ted Koppel? 3-year deal to make documentaries for 
Discovery Channel, starting in late summer or fall; also to do 
commentaries on NPR, nothing so far [starts in June] [6-005]
Cable  la carte pricing, pros and cons [5-225]
SAVVIS gets contract for IBB web content [6-004]
SAVVIS the worst possible choice, says Lou Josephs [6-005]
Standard disclaimer
Glenn Hauser, concluding COM 06-02; later known as World of Radio 
Extra 66 ###