CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-01, January 12, 2006
[with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 06-01, January 12, 2006, to be known later as World of Radio  
 Extra 65
*COM made possible by Universal Radio; for catalog call 1-800-431-3939 
 or check and from  
 Universal radio for quality amateur and shortwave equipment
*Tetsuya Hirahara website on visit to Paraná state, Brazil, radio  
 station photos:
*Wide variety of cultures reflected in programming from Voice of 
 Guyana [5-220]
*Where to see Telesur webcasts
 and [5-226]
*Plans for Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica [5-221]
*Star Ray TV, Toronto pirate, battles CRTC for legitimacy [5-222]
*Range of special Winnipeg station CJML 580, and wide groundwave  
 coverage in central NAm [5-226]
*WKY 930, Oklahoma`s first radio station, from 1922, converts to all-  
 Spanish format, ``La Indomable`` as FM relay [6-007, 6-008]
*KROM San Antonio in trouble over tipoffs to illegal immigrants [5- 
*Strange radio situation along Baja/California border [5-219]
*KALW San Francisco in trouble over technicality [5-225]
*WDET Detroit faces litigation by betrayed listener contributors [5-
 218, 5-225, 6-003]
*Ekko stamps website [5-225, 6-001]
*DTV transition deadline Feb 17, 2009, and its impact on low-power 
 analog relays [5-218, 5-219]
*Auroral zone moving out of Canada [5-212]
*COM 06-01, to be known later as World of Radio Extra 65 ###