CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-05, produced August 9, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
    [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 03-05, the more or less monthly supplement to World of Radio,
 recorded Aug 9, 2003
*Exclusviely on SW via RFPI, UT Fri 0200, UT Sun 0330 plus 6 hours
 later on 7445, prepeated 6 hours earlier when 15 MHz frequency is
 active. Times subject to variation
*As I speak, RFPI`s dispute with University for Peace is unresolved;
 we hope sucessfully in the meantime; listen every week to World
 of Radio for the latest on that and other stories
*COM also Wednesdays at 1:30 pm CDT on SIU Edwardsville IL Web Radio
 [but not Aug 13; moves to Fri 10 pm from Aug 30]
*Also on the web via and
*Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) a great threat to shortwave and
 mediumwave listening, and ham radio; to provide internet via existing
 electrical lines, but also broadcasting a great deal of noise,
 spectrum pollution, as much as S9+10. Some systems already used in
 Germany, Japan threatened again. Comments from DX Listening Digest
 by: David Hodgson; Ed Hare, ARRL; Skip Arey; Erik Koie; Joe Buch; FCC
 reply comment deadline extended to August 20
 [3-123, 133, 136, 137, 138, 139, 142 at the bottom] [PLT] 
*RF ID tags operating around 13.5 MHz start appearing this year in
 groceries and pharmacies; soon to replace bar codes, despite privacy
 concerns; see [3-123]
*Wal-Mart wants its top 100 suppliers to install RF ID tags [3-124]
*A positive technology story: FAA switched on signal July 10 to
 increase GPS accuracy to 5 feet, greatly improving air traffic
 control and efficiency; ionospheric distortion is corrected [3-123]
*SafetyCast, Jacksonville FL, makes radio transmitters for
 emergency vehicles, locomotives, school buses, overriding all radio
 frequencies to warn motorists: but a very, very bad and unnecessary
 idea [3-135]
*Large metal objects near AM transmitters can disrupt directional
 patterns; WCBG, 1590, Chambersburg, PA conflicts with borough over
 a water tank under construction nearby, causing RF burns [3-124,
*Proposal to use 21-26 MHz band for low power local high-plus fidelity
 digital FM radio service [3-129]
*Continent of Media 03-05; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International; and Universal
 Radio, offering quality amateur and SW equipment since 1942. For info
 or a catalog call toll-free 1-800-431-3939 or visit them on the web
*WMLK, Assemblies of Yahweh, Pennsylvania, working on new 250 or 125
 kW transmitter for 15265; Elder Jacob O. Meyer plans to include
 broadcasts in `Pennsylvania Dutch` from New Testaments he has in that
 German dialect [3-129]
*Radio Sawa propaganda is awfully subtle; review in Toronto Globe &
 Mail [3-140]
*Voice of America: a History, new book by Alan L. Heil, goes into
 techniical intricacies, Washington arcana of broadcasting policies
*A Grand Tour of Radio City, and others nearby:  [3-136]
*Boston`s 1150 station changes to its tenth callsign, ahead of some
 others in the market with only 8 or 6 [3-134]
*See DXLD 3-131 for discussion of FCC callsign procedures, suffixes
*Phat Rock 1650, pirate in Las Vegas NV, still well heard [3-142] [URL no work Aug 11]
*In Albuquerque on 1640, KOP20, from Sandia Labs with traffic and
 weather emergency info, even DOE meetings [3-130]
*KDKA and its SW, W8XK, Pittsburgh once had Messages to the Far North;
 presenter Bill Beal recently died [3-128]
*Jukebox Radio is satellite-delivered music service for rest homes on
 FM channels supposedly inside buildings only; in Havre de Grace,
 Maryland, audible from one end of town to another [3-129]
*Minnesota Public Radio drops RDS, after testing; found lacking in
 performance, deteriorating main channel audio quality, whining
 noises, interfering with talking book subcarriers; makes multipath
 worse too [3-131]
*Perki system of 50 kW longwave transmitters once planned by US
 government for ConElRad system:
*UPN`s tiny twisted window on America [3-133, 3-131]
*That`s Continent of Media 03-05; I`m Glenn Hauser ###