CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-04, produced July 2, 2003 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]

*Continent of Media 03-04, the more or less monthly supplement to my
 other program World of Radio
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*Previous COM dealt only with US stories, so let`s start this one with
 news from elsewhere in the Pan-American continent
*Canada`s Aboriginal Voices Radio Network hopes to expand to more
 cities starting with Montreal and Edmonton [3-113] 
*Bahamas` More FM on 94.9 heard in Rhode Island; list of FM stations
 there [3-113]: see
 Bahamas broadcasting history:
*Mexico: one SW station goes inactive, 6105 in Merida, but another
 returns after long absence: 6045, XEXQ, R. Universidad, San Luis
 Potosi, at 1200-0400; very weak 250-watt signal, mostly classical
 music; in first hour children`s chorus [3-113, 114, 116, 117]
*`Rebel Radio: the story of El Salvador`s Radio Venceremos` is a 1991
 partisan book by José Ignacio López Vigil [3-110]
*David Gleason retorts that FMLN made the environment frightening;
 he had to wear a kevlar vest while working in El Salvador, knew
 victims of random violence [3-110]
*Site with MIDI examples of Colombian music, starting with national
 anthem: [3-108]
*List of 2184 legal radio stations in Peru [3-107]:
*RAE, Argentina, comes in well now Tue-Sat 0200-0300 in English on
 11710; station realizes it has reception problems, and wants
 reports of 20-30 minutes, 3 IRCs rp, no cash. Let them know they
 can be heard [3-114]
*1680 station in Florida with travel info, WTIR, now WLAA, has
 converted to Spanish format; but plans for network of more Travel
 Network stations, with WTIR on 1300 from Ocoee, programming a 10-
 minute wheel; webcast not yet running at [3-113]
*Rick Barton checked out KFHX, 1620, Fountain Hills near Phoenix AZ,
 found limited range of about 8 miles [3-112, 113]
*Tim Hall made another rambling trip throught the western US of
 several kilomiles visiting National Parks et al., with extensive
 notes of TIS stations, in DXLD 3-107; only 6 of the 30 listed
 stations in Yellowstone are active on 1610; and one on 1600 at
 the west entrance in Montana
*On 530, National Elk Refuge in Jackson WY; and also on 530 at
 Arco, Idaho, National Environmental Engineering Lab [3-107]
*This is Continent of Media 03-04; your input always welcome at
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73703, USA; links
 to this and previous COMs, and DXLDs at
*The old WPTR, 1540, Albany, NY has tribute site for its music
 format of the 70s: [3-109]
*WILM, 1450, Wilmington DE, a very unusual station, dedicated to
 local news and fending off megabux buyout offers; see DXLD 3-112
 [and 3-113] or,0,2338870.story?coll=bal-pe-asection
*WGRV, Greeneville TN, has noon newscaster celebrating 50th
 anniversary on air, Maxine Humphreys [3-107]
*DJ turns the dial back to the 60s online, Solid Gold Time Machine; [requries subscription] 
 [3-109 at International Internet]
*Fun new website by FCC on history of TV from technical standpoint:
*Something else to worry about: Emergency Alert System full of holes,
 says USA Today; no unified, coherent, warning system [3-109]
*Where Hal Turner is coming from, with a show on WBCQ: attended
 Aryan Nations get-together in Idaho [3-113]
*Council on American Islamic Relations has new satellite talk show,
 Washington Live, on ART, Tue 8 pm EDT [3-107]
*`The Tick` -- WWV bought by Clear Channel, parody site (recording)
*New York ham cited for having radio gear in his car even tho state
 law agaisnt scanner radios exempts amateur radio licensees; got a
 ticket and judge would not dismiss; max penalty: $1000 and 6 months
 in jail
*For info about HF E-mail service, including WLC, Rogers City MI for
 the Great Lakes, see or add on /WLC.htm
*Exhaustive explanation of the `windshield wiper` or swish-swish sound
 heard on SW in 4, 13 and other MHz bands; see not one but two
 articles in the July Monitoring Times about CODAR ocean wave radar [3-113]
*Radio Free San Diego [3-117]
 has website 
 with coverage
 confronting FCC:
*And that`s Continent of Media 03-04; I`m Glenn Hauser ###