CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-03, produced May 27, 2003

*COM 03-03, a supplement to WORLD OF RADIO, and unlike that weekly
 program this program deals with media around the American continent,
 not especially shortwave; broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace
 International, Costa Rica
*Also available on the web thanks to Universal Radio at For info or a catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or
*New Jersey Radio -- In Tune with the Garden State`s Many Voices:
 Concludes about WTTM, 1680, with South Asian languages
*Plan to build a 2000-foot TV tower for New York City stations in
 Bayonne NJ is on hold due to FAA objections [later: agreement
 signed to put them back on the new World Trade Center building]
*ChevronTexaco ends sponsorship of Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts
 after 2003-2004 season; hopes to continue with new sponsor; cost was
 only $7 million; see DXLD 3-087, 3-089...
*WRR-FM in Dallas unlikely to accept proposals for three-way frequency
 switch, which would put it on 105.7 with inferior signal; city
 council to decide June 4 whether to forego $60 million bid for this
*KUSC in Los Angeles offering its joint venture with Coloradio Public
 Radio, the Classical Public Radio Network, CPRN, to all NPR stations,
 despite three other such services already
*Cannot recommend highly enough
 especially when used in conjunxion with my lower-tech Monitoring
 Reminders calendar at
*Four new radio reading services found to be webcasting and added to
 in addition to others already known:
 SUNSOUNDS Beware of barking dog killing audio
*Many other public radio stations have reading services on subcarriers
 only requiring special receivers; let us know of any new webcasts
*Public radio in Miami, WLRN, forms news partnership with Miami Herald
 like Sun-Sentinel has with WXEL, et al
*WTTA, ch 38 in Tampa, soon starts local 10 pm newscast, but as part
 of Sinclair group, national news segments come from WBFF Baltimore
 tho not so identified, just ``News Central``
*WIVB, ch 4 in Buffalo, has master control in Indianapolis as do
 several other stations. Anomalies caused by ``Indiana Stupid Time``,
 staying on EST, not EDT: requires shifting TV programming, but
 outlying viewers get prime time outside prime time; same in western
 South Dakota
*Site with info on DTV stations on air, distances, bearings and
 antennas needed, in any zip code:
*KEZZ, 1470 in Estes Park, CO, may be first to try short Kinstar AM
 antenna, only 40 feet high. Check it out while visiting Rocky
 Mountain National Park this summer
*New station in Fountain Hills, near Phoenix, AZ, on 1620, KFHX:
 too strong for part-15, but not in FCC records; supported by Catholic
 Church, St. Dominic`s Food Bank; and webcasts,
*Tandy Corp. auctioning on E-bay its private subway car which used
 to serve staff at Radio Shack HQ in Fort Worth; item 2414503391 at
*FCC calls for public comments about allowing powerline communications
 -- which are likely to interfere with ham radio and shortwave
 listening. See
 If you wish to comment with the FCC, go to 
*You know you`re an aging radio DJ when... see DXLD 3-083
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed this edition of Continent
 of Media, 03-03     ###