CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-01, produced Jan. 20, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*COM 03-01, at last a new edition of this supplement to World of
 Radio; hope to produce more frequently in 2003y
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 edition of COM:
*FCC about to vote on whether to loosen even further restrictions on
 media concentration, an issue ignored in most media out of self-
*Why WSM Nashville transmitter building has large antique beacon with
 red lens
*New very low power school station in Springdale AR, KEEN, 91.7
*1170 in Tulsa ratings dropped as KFAQ talk format replaced KVOO
 country; same company dumped historic WOW call from 590 in Omaha;
 maybe their original station in Milwukee, WTMJ, is next
*KKSU, Manhattan KS, went off the air Nov. 27; letters to the editor
 lamenting its loss; made living in rural Kansas bearable; can a
 state entity be sold without approval of Board of Regents, or
*KKSU site has expanded archive of programs, at
 least from final month on air; plans to have affiliates download
 new programs
*Santa Fe gets another radio station, by bringing in a frequency
 from nearby Pecos, KENC, Enchantment FM, with booster in SF, from
 mid-Feb; eclectic format like former KLSK, Coyote stations started
 by same entrepreneur; bumped KENW translator off 102.9 into E-band
*Profile of Bill Shirk, ex-commercial broadcaster, who has started
 non-commercial country and classical stations near Indianapolis,
 WIRE 91.1, and R. Mozart, WSPM, 89.1; see DXLD 3-005
*WFUV New York quits streaming or archiving popular show in protest
 to royalties issue, Vin Scelsa`s Idiot`s Delight; see
*Pirates on 27555 AM, the International Silly Calling Channel
*Sirius satellite radio made a number of channel lineup changes,
 including two new talk channels, Left and Right, take your pick
*Also coming soon to Sirius, a gay radio network, in about two
 sesquimonths; with John McMullen, founder of online GayBC
*Toys Ya Us has AM radio transmitter for under $10; range inside the
 house, fix-tuned to 1610
*Radio receiver as a national security risk. Judge rejects shoe-
 bomber`s request for radio; unID components found in cell
*Obscure George Gentry Ministries on WWCR, Sun 1130 on 5070, is
 equal-opportunity hate: white people are the source of all the
 world`s problems, mish-mash of theology, more in common with 
 American Dissident Voices, Kingdom Identity Ministries, Pete Peters
 than they would like to admit
*Why QSLing MW stations is harder and harder: 90% of reports to VOCM,
 Newfoundland, were unverifiable, even faked; boring, rude or
 fragmentary. Jean Burnell will not visit stations any more on behalf
 of QSL-hunters: it`s too embarrassing
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*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding Continent of Media, 03-01   ###