CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-04, produced Aug 17, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*COM 02-04, recorded in mid-August 2002; the supplement to weekly
 World of Radio; exclusively on SW from Radio for Peace International,
 Global Community Radio; see
*COM also made possible by Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939, or 
*Universal also provides where you may listen
 to this and some previous editions, and check DX Listening Digest
*COM is about media around the continent, not especially shortwave
*La Nacion, Argentina, published article about Liberty, psyops station
 against the British in Falklands War; see our translation in DXLD
 2-119: first part of it here
*Sad situation of AM stations in Rio de Janeiro: some disappearing,
 dropping traditional formats, or turning religious [2-127]
*Manaus, Brazil SW station on 4845, has had three names [in
 Portuguese, 2-127]
*San Salvador, El Salvador, FM band is completely full; list in
 DXLD 2-125 includes Lasers and Cool-FM
*St. Kitts split MW station ZIZ on 555 heard in New York, confirmed by
 checking webcast:
*4VEH, Haiti, still has SW license, but no equipment for that; 
 concentrating on FM, MW, soon webcast or
*XERTA, Mexico`s only commercial SW station, rented out to gringo
 religionists; owner quite a character with unfulfilled promises
*Queretaro, Mexico has low power FM pirates on 101.9, 102.7 [2-128]
*Tijuana stations agree to ban narco-corrido music [2-122]
*New classical FM station for Indianapolis delayed by channel 6, WRTV
*Many major US markets are now without classical radio stations; one
 holdout in Los Angeles, Saul Levine, was offered $400 mega for KMZT;
 but switched his San Francisco station to country  [2-114]
*WUOT survives with mostly classical format in Knoxville, where there
 are other noncommercials including a pirate on 90.9, KFAR, for First
 Amendment Radio; see DXLD 2-115 and full story at
*Conflicts of interest in Columbus OH squabble over management and 
 ownership of public radio stations [2-117]
*One-man big-band station in Eaton OH, WCTM, 1130, due back on air
 Sept 3 as owner is recovering [2-129]
*WLW, 700, tested so-called `In band on channel` digital system, 
 putting buzz on adjacents 690 and 710; recording of interference to
 KCMO 710
*History of KPQ, Wenatchee WA: [2-125]
*Harry Helms peeved about PWBR touting SE-3 as miracle cureall for
 shortcomings of kilobuck receivers [2-128]
*Connie Chung dismissed by San Francisco critic as dead weight for CNN
*PBS kunckleheads sink network in deep doo-doo; and what`s coming in 
 new season [2-122]
*CBC specials Sept. 25 for 70th birthday, 20th deathday, of Glenn
 Gould, including 14 hours on Radio 2 [2-128]
*KSLG-FM non-ID in California is K-Slug, after obnoxious banana slugs
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed this COM, 02-04     ###