CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-03, produced June 25, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*A new COM at last; thanks for the patience of our listeners, RFPI
 and Universal Radio
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*Times for COM broadcast on RFPI, 7445, 15039 and/or 21815: Fri 1900,
 Sat 1730, Tue 2000, plus repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later
*COM is about media around the American continent, not necessarily
*RIP CHNX, 6130, Halifax, private SW station seems gone for good
*Besides CBC 6 MHz stations, one private Canadian is still on the air:
 CFVP, Calgary, 6030
*Off the air lately is CFRX, 6070, Toronto, but not for good, we hope
*CBC plans revamp of Radio One morning lineup this fall, dates
*Shelagh Rogers staying on as This Morning host
*Hams help solve WLW-700 Cincinnati interference problem, Cinergy
 power line re-radiation; suspect similar cases elsewhere [as below]
*One man big-band station in Ohio, WCTM 1130, plans comeback soon if
 owner`s health permit
*40-year veteran Ken Jackson gone from `WLG` 1360 Baltimore, due to
 voice tracking (really WWLG)
*KRLD 1080, Dallas, transmitter site had powerline towers detuning
*WPQE577, TIS station on 1580 at Love Field, Dallas, gets out
*Terry Krueger`s travel diary includes TIS stations on Ocracoke
 Island, NC; see Tocobaga DX in DXLD 2-097 at
*There you will also find sumaries of each Continent of Media
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International; and by Universal
 Radio, 1-800-431-3939,
*New site with info on US X-band stations:
*Japanese pilots homed in on KGMB-590 in Pearl Harbor attack;
 ironically it was on the air at request of US Army Airforce
*Media Network has articles on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio via
*Points not made include: drawbacks of complex Sirius receiver;
 reliance on foreign countries for control sites; elliptical orbits
 go through Van Allen radiation belts, says Joe Buch
*Tyranny of the Remote Control: rant against TV by Michael Dorner
*Rewind show doubles time at the expense of other, better shows such
 as Riders Radio Theatre; latest casualty: South Dakota Public Radio
*Student station KAYE at Northern Oklahoma College, Tonkawa, runs
 commercials on non-commercial band, :06 past the hours; webcast down,
 but linked at
*Cyber-cafes in Cuba provide `intranet` for Cubans at a hefty price;
 foreigners get internet access for three times the cost
*Belize turns down US request to use VOA MW transmitters for R. Marti;
 no luck either with Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Caymans
*St. Lucia QSLs 660 during WFAN downtime in March; only 3 kW, relays
 VOA Music Mix
*Ground conductivity so horrible in much of Latin America that MW
 stations avoid high end of band; absence from 1540 not to protect
*Guatemalan government wants to give military/cultural TV channel 5
 to Catholic church, to keep it Guatemalan, but church reluctant to
 take on responsibility
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