CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-02, produced March 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*The second edition for the year, produced in final week of March;
 a supplement to World of Radio, which appears without fail every week
*COM appears exclusively on SW via Radio for Peace International
*And on the web whenever you want it thanks to
 sponored by Universal Radio, offering quality amateur and shortwave
 equipment for the past 60 years; call 1-800-431-3939 or visit
*Commentary by former FCC Chairman Newton Minow, advocating
 increased US public diplomacy including international broadcasting
*Former VOA site at Bethany, Ohio: Veterans push for museum; nearby
 is commercial development named `Voice of America Center`, parks 
*WWV heard on 30 MHz, so could be 2nd, 3rd, 6th or 12th harmonics
*Classical Music on the Wane in US Radio; fewer commercial stations,
 and public stations also drawn to news/talk instead
*Complete texts or links to these stories in DX Listening Digests;
 one way to find would be keyword search at the 2002 archive
*Public stations keeping some classical, jazz only due to ``mission
 issue`` of NPR, e.g. WKMS in Kentucky
*WYSO, Yellow Springs OH, dumping locally-produced jazz, women`s
 show, and others despite flood of criticism 
*WCBE, Columbus, OH, trying to shift management to WOSU
*Unitarian radio show airing in Salt Lake City, ``Bulding a Good
 Society``, on KRCL, behind the Zion curtain, where webcast suspended
 due to DMCA, but this and other shows ondemand via
*Sarasota, Florida station pretending to be WLS, but ABC objects,
 so next pretending to be WGN [not two stations]
*WLVA-590, Virginia, transmitter site worth more than station
 itself, so off the air for a while; fans offer yard space
*Clinton, TN, station WDVX in RV popular amongst travelers
*That other WOR, 710, New York, about to relocate transmitter site
 less than a mile away to improve signal with different parameters;
 interimly 10 kW non-directional; watch website or details
*This is Continent of Media 02-02; this and many previous editions
 are available by download or streaming from
*Your input welcome to or P O Box 1684, Enid,
 OK 73702 USA
*Unidentified 7-tower array south of Fort Worth last year is
 actually a failed amusement ride, miniature airplane on cables
*Michigan requires permit to listen to SW in a motor vehicle,
 evidently long-outdated law when police were on 120 meters;
*Michael Dorner, Catholic Radio Update, commentary ``The Public Be
 Damned``; full text in DXLD 2-041, on Digital TV boondoggle
*IBOC, digital radio on FM about to happen, e.g. Crawford
 Broadcasting about to roll out, including Chicago; MW will benefit
 more, but take longer; see
*DXLD 2-046: Radio Free Richmond, Virginia, trying to stop IBOC DAB:
*IBOC on AM daytime-only for now; engineers just discovered skywave;
*DAB Digital Radio a big hit at Toronto auto show; totally different
 and incompatible system to American 
*Australians coming to American satellite TV: TARBS pact with
 PanAmSatCorp -- Television And Radio Broadcasting Services, a
 multicultural broadcaster, more than 50 channels DTH
*Advance schedeles for opera on the internet:
*And so, I, Glenn Hauser, now conclude edition number 02-02 of
 Continent of Media                        ###