CONTINENT OF MEDIA 02-01, produced January 22, 2002
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM 02-01, the first for year 2002; intention to produce more or
 less monthly, but longer since the last one. Thanks for patience.
*COM sponsored exclusively on SW by Radio for Peace International;
 and on the Internet by that is, Universal Radio,
 offering quality amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942.
 For info or a catalog call 1-800-431-3939 or visit them on the web
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*HF Apex broadcasting stations in the US, 1939y on 26+ MHz AM:
*If you miss any URLs check these summaries at
*Sounds of the Far East Network:
 including Tokyo Calling:
*What happened to XERB-1090 and Wolfman Jack? and
*Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, inventor of radio, not Marconi
*CFYZ, airport info station in Toronto, has live drivetime shows,
 seems increased power
*Chicago lakefront gets HAR station AM-1650
*Plans for multi-transmiter low-power AM, Auburn Community Radio, WA
*WCBS switchboard can`t find radio station, nor chief engineer
*Joint radio-TV call stations make original radio a poor relation
*FCC a joke, allowing daytimer AMs like WLBA to operate all-night
*Broadcast TV a waste of spectrum, says FCC Chairman Powell
*WBBM DT channel 3 on the air in Chicago; coverage and interference
*East Coast State of Mind Rules TV News, to disadvantage of West
 Coast [and ignoring Central as usual]
*FCC decision allows states to seek new area codes exclusively for
 cell phones and pagers
*Cuba considers internet a high-risk medium; savvy surfers steal
 passwords to use it after hours
*El Salvador TV website updated, with logos to help TVDX IDs:
*Check out our growing schedule of Shows We Like, mainly webcast, at
*Lots of good original programming at Boulder`s community station
 KGNU, including Musica Mundi, UT Thu 0200-0400;
*Tip For Rational Living from Epicurus, thanks to
*Seeking out hidden audio URLs -- that would be UXing...
*Glenn Hauser, concluding COM 02-01                   ###